Prisoner of Conscience, Matthews, Susan R. Kindle

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Prisoner of Conscience

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Author: Matthews, Susan R.
ISBN: 9780380789146

Andrei Koscuisko is an Inquisitor for the Bench federation of worlds. It is his duty to root out -- quickly, efficiently, quietly -- anyone who would threaten the ruling order.

Andrei has been posted to the penal facility at Port Rudistal. Here hundreds of prisoners -- traitors who dared dream of freedom and self-rule -- await interrogation. They know an Inquisitors judgment is firm and unassailable. Yet there is a line that even he may not cross.

Although an Inquisitor is not supposed to feel outrage, weakness or pity, Andrei is, above all, a man of honor. And now he must risk his career -- and perhaps his life -- exposing the truth that lies behind the black walls of Domitt Prison.

A riveting novel of one mans courage in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, Prisoner of Conscience again showcases one of the most promising voices in contemporary science fiction.

Title: Prisoner of Conscience

Publisher: Avon Books

Publication Date: 1998

Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Book Condition:Used: Very Good

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